Compliance: A decision on an international standard has been made in Vienna

ISO 19600 brings the globally valid Compliance Management System (CMI) regulation

Vienna (pts013/11.07.2014/11:55) – Vienna has a special place in the world of compliance. The competent ISO 271 project committee discussed the international standard for the Compliance Management System here from the 7th to the 11th July 2014. The final draft of the ISO 19600 standard “Compliance management systems – Guidelines” was approved on the last day, Friday 11th July 2014.

Made in Austria – applied worldwide

The process of creating a new standard started in 2012, i.e. less than two years ago, was remarkably short, as Martin Tolar proudly explains. The Australian chairing the competent committee of the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) points out the full agreement reached very quickly by the experts involved in the committee in a highly effective process.

The new ISO 19600 standard, due to appear probably towards the end of 2014 or at the beginning of 2015, delivers reliable guidelines on the introduction and application of the Compliance Management System for organisations. The regulations are internationally consistent and Martin Tolar is confident that they will provide well thought-out and viable rules to organisations and companies operating abroad.

Compliance experts from Australia, China, Germany, France, Holland, Canada, Malaysia, Austria, Singapore, Spain and Switzerland contributed to the creation of the standard. These countries represent almost one quarter (23%) of the global population. Further 20 countries including the United Kingdom, Japan and the USA accounting for additional 11% of the global population had an observer status.

Australia and Austria – the pioneers

Two previously existing documents concerning compliance were available to the ISO project committee: the Australian regulation and material ONR 192050 “Compliance Management Systeme” issued by Austrian Standards in 2012. “Austria was the pioneer in developing an internationally applicable compliance standard based on a wide economic consensus”, Dr. Barbara Neiger, who worked on the international standard as a representative of Austria, says. “It is now up to the local companies to take steps in the right direction in applying the new ISO standard”, the expert, co-editor and author of the of the comments on ONR 192050 for practical application says.

Independent certification documents compliance

“A document of the standard’s compliance is very important especially in the highly sensitive field such as compliance”, Dr. Peter Jonas, Director of Certification of Austrian Standards explains. Austrian Standards now offer certification of Compliance Management systems and employees authorised to implement these systems (“Compliance-Officer”). “We will naturally modify the process and offer the appropriate update for previously issued certificates as the new ISO 19600 comes into effect”, Dr. Jonas promises.

Austrian Standards certificate under ISO 19600 for HUMAN POWER.

Source: Austrian Standards